EDUCATIONal Material

Creation of material used in education about contemporary computer-based electronic music.


Ambient soundscapes for installations, performances and exhibitions. Development of synthesizer sound banks.

SOME previous PROjects



Early solo project resulting in "MoonRider", an experimental electronic instrumental album, released in 2001. 


Various DJ assignments, also resulting in a number of trance compilations.

Lunar Structures is the artist name of Swedish electronic musician Thomas Kolb. Being fascinated by synthesizers and electronic music from early age, he has throughout the last decades been part of several musical collaborations and various projects. Lunar Structures however is a strictly solo endeavor in the field of psybient electronica.

The style of Lunar Structures's music might be categorized as dreamy but conscious, fluid but rhythmic, hi-tech but organic.

The first album with the name "Helium Harvest" was recorded during 2015. Currently a new ambient musical project is slowly being conceived with the working name "Stars" and also a more dance oriented album, "Cumulonimbus".